Wednesday, December 18, 2013

12/20/13 Harrisburg CSA Artists: Gallery Show / Shares Sales Event @ the MakeSpace

CSA artist showcase for 3rd in the 'Burg 
at the MakeSpace on Friday 12/20/13.

   Our artists have worked exceptionally hard to help bring the idea of the Community Supported Art movement to Harrisburg and Central PA. area.  There is one more crucial step needed to make this project a success, YOU!  
Please join us for the show.  

We are seeking shareholders who would like to engage in the "surprise" of the Harrisburg CSA through supporting the "buy local spirit" by purchasing a share.  The CSA artists will be showcasing a sampling of their work at this show and we welcome YOU to sign up to be a part of it all!  A CSA Representative will be there to assist you with your purchase of a share.  You will recieve two of these unique works for the fair trade price of $150.00.  Your share is a gift supporting the CSA artists and what we do.  In turn you will recieve a "surprise" blind pick of work produced by our artists. The surprise is the exciting part as you never quite know what charming items will be for you!

Our shares are especially good for collectors, art lovers and make superb Holiday Gifts as you can always pass along these special hand made treasures.  Please come check out the dazzling array of work our organization has brought together from your community.

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